Running an agency is a "meh" business. You only earn as much as you work because you exchange time for money. That's not scalable.

And tonik's leadership knew that. So to sleep soundly and secure the business's cashflow, they had to find different sources of income.

Fortunately, there was an opportunity. Over the years, they had been secretly assembling development teams for startups. Why not turn this into a legitimate service?

And that's Headhive. US startups work with the best developers from Europe without the HR hassle, and Headhive makes a profit for every person hired.

An abstract illustration of multiple vertically stretched heads. They’re all placed next to each other, giving an illusion of a puzzle.

Bold claim, thicc evidence

Developers working through Headhive are an essential part of the client teams. So words like "outsourcing" or "body leasing" (ugh) seemed unfair. But "team up" is just right.

And it turns out that European developers kick ass. So Headhive takes this a step further and promises to find the best of the best.

At last, the headline comes off as self-confident, so I toned it down with a light subhead. It highlights another Headhive's benefit.

Headline: “Team up with Europe’s top developers” Subheadline: “And leave all the HR fuss behind.”

Perfect pitch

I wrote a long form body copy that notices the client's struggle, shows how Headhive can help, and tells them how it happens.

It's conversational — you can use it as your pitch when talking to someone, and it won't sound too scripted.

Body: “When you're building a startup, there's no room for mediocrity. But there's no room for a never-ending recruitment process either. And you gotta assemble a team of first-class developers. ASAP. You can seek them out yourself, but with all the things you've got going on, it'll take months. And believe us — you won't find the top talent on any job board. That's why you should leave that to us. Together with the payroll, onboarding and any other legal process. Just tell us what roles you wanna fill and what salary you can offer. After a few days, we'll be back with a pile of pre-vetted resumes from the best developers. Pick your all-star team and that's it — enjoy the results for just a single monthly fee.”

Action's calling

No fluff here — just the contact email and a realistic estimate of when you can expect the response.

Headline: “Let's keep the ball rolling” Subheadline: “Email us a few words about your project and we'll get back to you first thing in the morning.”

Don't mind asking

Explaining some of the details about Headhive in the body copy might sound a little awkward. So I explained them in the FAQ section.

An FAQ section titled “Your questions, answered”. Each question is collapsed into an accordion, except of the first one that asks “Why Europe?”. Its answer reads: “If you search for countries that have the best developers and open any report that pops up (HackerRank's, for example), you'll see that European countries rank at the very top. Work with the folks from there and your tech will outperform your competitors'. But why settle? With us, you can hire the best people from that talent pool to connect with the crème de la crème of the industry. And leave the other startups miles behind.”.


Shout-out to the people who also worked on this project.

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